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40K and the kids...

So here I will post my journies at teaching a 9 year old girl and 4 year old boy the dynamics and fun of Warhammer 40k gaming.

My son - Josiah - Age 4 - Army - Aurora Chapter Space Marines - Lovingly called the "Siah Marines"

My daughter - Hannah-Celeste - Age 9 - Army - The Eternal Order of the Tulip - Sisters of Battle

While Dad does do a fair amount of painting on the Siah Marines, I've not done anything but "advise" on the Sisters.  Which is good and bad at times, but they're enjoying the hobby.  My son gets about 20 min into painting and then is done, but I suppose it really doesn't matter how much he actually paints as long as he's having fun.

Hoping to get a full or at least partial game in Thursday evening, we've been trying for months to sit down, but my 3 year old is a lot too nosey when the models are out so it's been a challenge to get a game in.