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Special Projects

Special Project "Show Army"

Here I will be chronicling a special Show Army that I got as an idea from a Bartertown admin who I did some painting for.  Porkuslime (Jim) had this idea to do a multi-chapter themed army using Pedro Kantor as the HQ in order to use Sternguard units (I think he's running three of them) as scoring units.  In doing so (and I don't have his fully list) he decided to also have all models in the army be from individual chapters (kind of like a Deathwatch force).  He used an Inquisitor Shoulder pad from Chapterhouse Studios to tie the force in.

So I painted up 6 of the models for that force including his two HQ units (counts as Kantor model, and an Inquisitor to count as a Libby) and I really liked the idea to a point.  I like the idea of Kantor (hate the Crimson Fists colors though) and I totally liked the idea of using the Sternguard, and I've been toying around with coming up with a force list to run an uber-Vanguard unit with some spiffy conversion pieces (also from Chapterhouse Studios).  I also wanted to go beyond my normal painting level for my Templars Omega DIY SM chapter and paint a more "Show Quality" army.  Not fully Display quality as my patience to paint 1 model a week would wear thin real quick.  But something in between, with the HQ models definitely falling into the extreme quality and the rest of the models being something in between my Beyond Table Top and Freakin' Cool levels.

And so the "Flame Guardians" were born.  Essentially the color scheme is identical to the Fire Lords colors of Blood Red, Sunburst Yellow, and Chaos Black, but I'm using the "Imperial Fist" shoulder pad from again Chapterhouse Studios that looks more like a fist holding a flaming wreath.

So below is the "List" I'm working with.  Yeah it needs some help to get to 1850, any ideas?  Yeah it's an expensive force to play, I'm not worried about that, it's going to look Freakin' Cool and for this army, that's what I'm going for.

Chapter Master (Kantor) - Actually using the Pedro Kantor model
Epistolary - Going to use an Inquisitor model here - Boltgun, power sword, The Avenger (or Smite) and Gate

Scout Sniper Squad x 5 - Sniper Rifles, camo cloaks
Scout Sniper Squad x 5 - Sniper Rifles, camo cloaks

Elites (may add some combi weapons)
Sternguard Squad x 10 - Sgt (PW and Bolter), Multi-melta, melta, bolter x 7
Sternguard Squad x 10 - Sgt (PW and bolter), Multi-melta, melta, bolter x 7

Fast Attack (Ultra-Uber)
Honored Ones (Vanguard Assault  x 10) - Sgt (PW/Bolter), Plasma Pistol, CCW, PW x 4, TH x 1, PF x 2

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad x 5 - Sgt (Bolter), HB x 4