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Welcome to BJC Mini Studio's blogsphere. Check out my new or past painting projects. Take a look at my battle reports for Warhammer 40K, Army Lists, and various Games Workshop goodness...and badness.

About and Commissions

BJCMiniStudio - Your last stop for superior miniature painting services!!!

Welcome to BJCMiniStudio!  Who are we? Well...we are a highly motivated and talented painter/gamer (BJ Collazo) who has been involved with the "art" of table top gaming for well over 15 years.  When I say the "art" I mean the beauty that is table top war gaming as a whole, but mostly in the beauty of painted armies decorating a table filled with beautifully and creatively painted terrain.  That is the "art" of table top war gaming.

Anyone can sit down and work out the ultimate uber-cheese-army lists with time, patience, ALL of the Codexes, but is that really fun?  With a little time and patience, most gamers can develop a knack of modeling some cool looking models just to slap/dip/or not paint them.

I like gaming, I love modeling and painting.  However, I like to paint and build what I want to play, whether I win or loose.  I just want my army to look cool.  ;-) So, BJCMiniStudio is first and foremost a gamer's studio.  I DO play the games I paint miniatures for.  I DO sit down and go through what codexes I have (for the armies I play) and build out lists I think would be fun to paint up that will yield COOL LOOKING MODELS.

So what does that mean for you the client?  If you can think up the models, I can paint them to the standard you ask for.  Even if that means you want an entire NMM army painted...So long as you understand the costs AND time involved in a project like that.  I can do it.

This site is intended to showcase  examples of my personal work for the armies I play (Warhammer 40k, Warmachine), along with tutorials, guides, recommendations, and thoughts on various topics of table top wargaming.  It's a Blog, and it's a painting site.  I decided not to run two sites anymore, and the Blog was getting more traffic and attention anyway.

I personally play both a DIY Space Marine Army, and am working on a "shooty/fast attack" Ork army for some conversion/modeling happyfunness.  At the same time I've been working with my 11 year old daughter and 6 year old son on teaching them the ins and outs of 40K with her Sisters of Battle and his shooty Space Marines.

Okay commission details:

Prices listed are for a basic 25mm trooper figure.

There are three painting level options, this does not include any assembly, stripping, cleaning of mold lines, clipping from sprue. Does not include decals or freehand or squad symbols (unless they are already part of the model.  Does include a simple ballast basing.

  1. Table Top - Base Coat/Shade/single highlight layer ($5.00 per model)
  2. Beyond Table Top - Base Coat/Shade/3-5 highlight layers ($10.00 per model)
  3. Freakin' Cool! - This is anywhere from 8-15 layers for base coat, shading, and highlighting.  Just depends on what you want done. Can include advanced techniques like NMM, OSL, complex basing. (Starts at $35.00 per model and goes up depending on options)
As stated, all prices listed are for your basic 25mm trooper figure.  If it fits on a 25mm base it counts.  Mounted figures, large scale figures, vehicles do not fall into this category, contact me for more detailed pricing.

Bartertown Members!

You automatically get 10% off your commission project total.  This does require a reference level of 10 or greater however.  For well established members (50+ reference level) I will accept some trade items for services, but only for up to 50% of the commission cost not including return shipping.


All payments are due via PayPal and commission projects require a 30% deposit for materials whether you are getting a discount or not.

Contact me for more details.