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Friday, October 8, 2010

PROJECT: Terrain - Hexagon Construction Set - Part II

Well moving along with the Hexagon Construction Set.  Not much done other than finishing off adding texture to the base and then getting the thing primed.  Let me tell you this was a major pain to prime.  I ran out of Krylon Charcoal Gray while trying to spray this beast and knew I wasn't going to hit Wal-Mart anytime soon and wanted to get this piece further along so I can go back to finishing up some commission work that is getting close to the deadline.  Yes Brian and Bill I WILL be done soon.  ;-)

So to recap.

  1. The base for the kit is a piece of laminate flooring I used my jigsaw on to create a nice shape.
  2. The kit was assembled (it's a snap-to-fit kit) without superglue at first.
  3. Kit was mounted to the base about halfway through full construction at which point I started to apply superglue (brush out Krazy-Glue ROCKS!) to the joints for stability and strength, then construction was completed.
  4. Basing material added along with some sculpy rock formations I pulled from another project I scrapped.
  5. Primed using Krylon Charcoal Gray and when I ran out, brush on mixture of black craft paint and the dark gray GW Foundation Charadon Granite paint...mental note, need to buy more of this now.
  6. It's ready for paint!
So here we go...

I may go back and add some GW bits (eagles, seals, tabbards or perhaps some orky stuff) to make it more 40kish, but for the most part I'm happy.  The little pyramid in the top corner may get a gun turret added just for fun, but I'm not sure on that yet.
More once it's got paint on it!

Anyone else use these kits before?  Send me some shots of what you did with it so I can post it up and see what you did different.


1 comment:

  1. That would look totally fabulous all Orkied up, or as an Ultramarine fortress.