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Saturday, October 2, 2010

REVIEW and PROJECT: Terrain - Hexagon Construction Set

  Well continuing my review of the Pegasus Hobbies Hexagon Construction Set.  Got it all put together, or at least how I envisioned it, and it only took me a couple of hours to get the pieces separated and then start assembly.  For the most part this kit assembles pretty easily.  Everything snaps together!  Though by the end of the day today my fingers hurt from pressing the pieces together.  This is truly a modular kit, but since I decided I was going to mount the structure on a piece of floor tile I went ahead and glued the majority of the structure together for added strength.

I really enjoyed putting this together, and it really was pretty easy. The kit has 4 different types of connectors for the various panels and pieces so one does need to take care in  what one you use.  I had to go back and disassemble (whoah just had a Short Circuit moment?  "No Disassemble Johnny 5!") because I found I needed something I used someplace else...

So as usual, I started assembly and totally forgot to shoot any "construction" shots.  Typical, must be getting old or something like that.  Well below are the shots of the fully assembled kit.  Like I said, it's pretty easy to do, and if one took the time to really study the pieces and the connectors you could go crazy in the build-out and be far more creative than I was.  Mine built out pretty close to the box cover though I did find that somewhere in the base construction I used some pieces that were needed more towards the top, and seeing as how I had glued those pieces down when I mounted the structure to the base half way through construction I was pretty much stuck with getting creative.

Here's the completed assembly, pre-primer, pre-finished based, pre-paint.  In other words, not finished.

Now for scale comparison:
And this was the "small" kit...

Over all this is a great kit and addition to any sci-fi gamers table.  Can't wait to get started on the Platformer kit once I finish up a couple client projects.  May just have to order the "large" kit and see what I can come up with.

Next step is to finish the base, prime, then slap some paint on it.  Will post up the finals when I finish.



  1. This could be a great solution to your terrain problem!

  2. Thanks, it's coming along. Still priming the darn thing...