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Saturday, October 9, 2010

PROJECT - Terrain - Hexagon Construction Set Part III

Alright I'm closing up the project on the Pegasus Hobbies Hexagon Construction Set.  As I've said this has been a really cool kit to work with, and over all I'm really  pleased with how the project has turned out.  Remember folks this was the "small" kit and it's a pretty big terrain piece.  I'm definitely going to get my hands on the "large" kit.

I also did a couple of quick pieces with some "egg" crate packing foam I picked up at work so I thought I'd throw them in today's post as well.  Nothing like recycling CD's and CD/DVD spool protectors for some simple war-gaming terrain.

So without further adieu how about some pics huh?


Plans are to add some resin "mud" to the hexagon piece as while my base coat for the ground was drying it looked pretty cool as mud.  So I've still got to paint the border black, seal it with matte, then add the resin "puddles".

More pics coming once I'm finally complete!


  1. Really gorgeous. thanks for sharing!

  2. This company has a lot of good stuff. Their gothic buildings are also worth a look and I think they would look good on a 40K game table.

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