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Thursday, August 19, 2010

40K and the Kids - The Gauntlet's Thrown!

Well folks it's "On like white on rice!"

The gauntlet has been thrown down by my daughter, or at least it was last night when we got back from church.  She was all excited declaring her Sisters of Battle could easily take on either of my Space Marine forces or the Orks.  Of course that led to my son chiming in that he wanted to play the Orks!

So that's it, Thursday night - the Collazo Family 40K Smackdown!

In this corner (the purple corner) - 783 points of "The Eternal Order of the Tulip" Sisters of Battle is forsaking their vows to destroy the foul Xenos by teaming up with 1070 points of "SnotFlinga Bombad's GOrilLa Orks" of the Blood Axe tribe (the green corner).

Their opponent 1850 points of the "Templars Omega" as they continue their crusade against the Greenskins!  Will the Sisters and the camouflaged, somewhat disciplined GOrilLa Orks be able to stand against the assault specialized Templars?  Will Brother Champion Ellion (counts as Shrike) valiantly lead his Crusader Assault Squad?  Well this should be an interesting evening.

Army Lists:

Order of the Tulip (Hannah-Celeste - 9)
HQ - Canoness "Emily" - Power Weapon, Inferno Pistol
Ellite - Celestian Squad - Rhino, Sister Superior (BP/PW), Heavy Flamer x 1, Bolter x 3
Ellite - Callidus Assassin - Phase Sword, Neural Shredder
Troops - Sister Squad 1 - Sister Superior (BP/PW), Bolter x 8, Flamer x 1, Imagifier
              Sister Squad 2 - Sister Superior (BP/PW), Bolter x 8, Flamer x 1
              Karskin Squad - Sgt (HP/PW), Hellguns x 9

GOrilLa Orks (Josiah - 4)
HQ - Warboss "SnotFlinga Bombad" - Power Klaw, shoota/skorcha
Ellite - Nobz - 10 x Choppa/Slugga
           Lootas - Deffgun x 4, Mek w/Mega Blaster
Troops - Boyz - Nob (Slugga/Choppa), Big Shoota x 1, slugga/choppa x 18
               Boyz - Nob (Slugga/Choppa), Big Shoota x 1, slugga/choppa x 18
               Boyz - Nob (Slugga/Choppa), Big Shoota x 1, slugga/choppa x 18
Fast Attack - Stormboyz - Slugga/Choppa/Rokkit Pack/Stickkbombz x 10
                     Deff Koptas - 4 x twin-linked rokkit launcha

Templars Omega - Fifth Company (BJC MiniStudio - 38)
HQ - Brother Champion Elion (Counts as Shrike) - JP, MC LC, BP, IH, Infiltrate - Attaches to Assault 1
         Brother Epistolary Simon - JP, BP, FW, The Avenger, Smite
Ellite - Brother Ancient "Bubba" Drednought - Drop Pod, MM, CCW, Heavy Plamer
           Blade Master Squad (Assault Termi) - TH/SS x 2, LC x 3, Drop Pod
Troops - Fire Squad Alpha - Bolter x 8, ML x 1, Melta x 1
              Fire Squad Bravo - Bolter x 8, ML x 1, Melta x 1
              Scout Sniper Squad - Telion, sniper x 8
Fast Attack - Assault 1 - PF/BP, CCW/BP x 7, Flamer x 2
                     Assault 2 - PF/BP, CCW/BP x 7, Flamer x 2
Heavy Supprt - Devesaters - Sgt (Bolter), ML x 4

Good thing I've got a 9 foot dining room table.  We've not tried a game this large before, so this should be interesting.  I'll report back later tonight on how it went.

Dad's feeling pretty lucky except for those dang Deffkoptas, Hope my Devestators can pop them quickly.

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