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Friday, August 27, 2010

Army Lists - 750 Point Challenge

So while bouncing around the various 40k blog sites I came across something on Fritz40k concerning building out 750 point Army Lists.  I found it not only intreguing, but also a nice change of pace and something I thought I'd continue on .

Now normally when I sit down with Excel and my Codecies I'm mostly focused on the 1750 and 1850 size armies.  Even when piecing my kids armies out for them I focus on this size as when we do hit the LGS that's the only size we seem to be able to get in game wise.  Of course our home games between the three of us vary in size and seldom do we actually play a "list" so to speak.  This got me thinking of how little I'm teaching them about the mechanics of the game if we're just throwing a bunch of models on the dining room table and start rolling dice.

So in keeping with Fritz's theme of designing up good playable lists around the 750 point level I thought I'd go through and design some based off the five different armies we have between the three of us. It should yield some interesting force lists and will open up some new avenues for family gaming night.  Come to think of it, we might actually be able to get more than one game in...better yet actually finish a game.  ;-)

So the armies I'll be focusing on this time around are my Flame Guardians Space Marines. This is actually the Show Army Project I'm working on under my Special Projects.  I've played varying forms of this army over the last couple of months and have yet to field the whole thing anyway.  The other armies I'll post up 750 point lists for will be for a SoB heavy Witchunters force and two additional DIY Space Marine chapters along with an Ork force.

For the most part when I build a list, at least for myself, I build what I want to field.  What I think I'm going to have fun with, have fun modeling, and painting.  I'm not much for building WINNING lists, though I have won games with most of my lists.  When I build lists for my kids, I build what I think they CAN play with, and WILL have fun with.  Again, not necessarily what they can WIN with.

750 Point Flame Guardians (Space Marines)
  • HQ - SM Captain - Power Weapon, Storm Bolter - 118 Points
  • Troops - Scout Squad x 2 - 5-Man, Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks - 180 Points
  • Elites - Sternguard - 10-Man, PW, MM, Mg, SB, Bolter x 7, Drop Pod - 315 Points
  • Elites - Dreadnought - Dual Twin-Linked Autocannon - 125 Points
  • Total - 22 Models - 738 Points
The principle behind the Flame Guardians is the Heavy use of Sternguard and Vanguard Elites with Troops choices being Sniper Scouts who infiltrate and then start rending and pinning down the enemy with Heavy 1 AP 6 fire.  The above force is meant to deploy Dread as a rear fire support unit, Infiltrate with the scouts, then drop the Stern and the Captain in from the Drop Pod.  This list does work deploying first or second so long as your opponent DOESN'T have units that can Infiltrate as well.  I have used this list a couple of times.  Battle Report coming soon!

Looking forward to seeing what you all think and recommend.


  1. Hey, followed your link over from my blog, enjoying reading some of your posts...but onto the 750 challenge.

    I'm putting together my own Tyranid list right now, and the questions asked at 750 are way different then 1750.

    Some thoughts on your list- what do you think.

    The captain- does he come with orbital bombardment- I can never remember off hand. I think OB has the poential to be huge, even in a rangom way at 750 as opposed to 1750+ points. Taking out a unit at 750 or breaking it is huge.

    With less units on the table I'm alos finding, especially in 5 objective missions, that self sufficient infiltrators are nice to have. Get to the objective, and stay on it.

    The dread is my last question. 1750 rifle dreads are standard- but adjusted for 750? Maybe an AC and a CC arm on the dread. Each unit in your list need to pull triple duty- shooting, contesting, assaulting, being a threat to anything else. Two AC's mean only S6 attacks- easy to tie up and not that great at punching vehicles. The arm gives you that role also.

    Not a criticism, just some thoughts. I'm finishing up my own post now on how I have to rethink Tyrandis at 750. Got two games planned for this weekend- vs. daemons and marines so battle reports to follow!

  2. First off I want to say I think it is really cool how your whole family is involved in the hobby.

    I do agree with Fritz on maybe adding a Close Combat arm to your dreadnought just so you don’t have to worry about a unit tying it up for the entire game.

    I really like your Sternguard unit and think the way you have it set up will make it great to take out tank or infantry and on your first turn too since they’re in a drop pod.

    I think you have a solid list and can’t wait to see your battle reports.