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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BJ gots choppa 'appy

I know, I know, it's been a LONG time since I posted anything.  Between work, and some not so pleasant health issues I've been kind of down for the count as far as the hobby goes.  Sooooo after relocating to San Antonio from Illinois I decided to start giving some time over to my very, very, very neglected Orks (Froz'n Wagh Klan).

So I have pretty much all the models I want for the army and it keeps it pretty much just under 1500 points depending on what wargear I use for the Warboss.  I've got 4 Warbosses (3 are AOBR, and then the FineCast Warboss with the Attack Squig) so depending if I decide to do any conversion work on the AOBR ones I shouldn't go over 1500 points.

Through various resources I came into posession of 3 full AOBR sets.  I know static poses, but not the way I build them, hehe (more on those conversions later).  That and I ended up with 12 AOBR Defkoptas.  Well I only plan on fielding 5 of them, so what to do, what to do...

Time ta get choppin!

Okay forgive the lack of WIP shots on HOW I did this, but here is the first Defkopta to Warbiker Nob conversion.

Bits used:

  • Razorback twin-linked Heavy Bolters
  • Space Marine Bike wheel
  • Chimera bits
  • Dozer Blade bits from an old Rhino
  • Space Marine Land Speeder bits
  • Green Stuff
  • Plasticard
I started work on a second one, but then realized that my much needed SM Biker Wheels are no longer in my bits box...Hmmmm....KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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