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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frozn' Tundra Orks Update

Some more updates on the Orks.

Skin done on the WB and the Biker Nob.

Here's the formula I worked with.

Base Coat - 2:1 Hawk Tourquise and Orkhide Shade
                 - Add Hawk Tourquise to mix
                 - Add Ice Blue to the mix
                 - Add Skull White to the mix
                 - Add more Skull White to the mix
                 - Separate a small portion of mix (couple of tank brush loads) then add equal amount of Skull
                   White for final highlight.
                 - Thrakka Green wash to blend everything in and add a bit more green tint to the skin

"Uniform" is done as well.  I kept this pretty simple so I can reproduce on the 100+ models I have to paint up.

Base Coat - Codex Gray
                 - Shadow Gray shapes
                 - Space Wolves Gray shapes
                 - Black Ink/Flesh Wash (4:1) + 3 parts water wash (I use the same mixture on boltgun metal)

WIP Shots

More later,


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