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Friday, October 19, 2012

Ork Warboss - Ice Despot Klawgrot - Ov Da Frozn' Tundra Orks

Oi!  All yuz humies com chek diz out!

Began work on the Warboss for my Frozn' Tundra Ork Clan (yeah don't like to stay completely by the book as ya'll know).

Skin tone will be more ice blue/green, and maybe a snow/urban camo scheme for the pants.  Not sure on that yet.

Everything will be based on Dragon Forge Urban Rubble bases (Great work as always Jeff!) with my snow recipe added to create the cold effect.

Base for the WB is done for the most part.  I've got to add a frozen muck coming out of the pipe and then the snow, but that's after I get the WB finished and on it.

Here's some WIP shots.  More to come as I add them.  I'll also give the colors used on the skin tone once I finalize them.  I based him with a 2:1 mixture of Hawk Turquoise and Foundation Orkhide Shade.  Gives a really nice deep sea green color to build the "blue" up from.  Obviously I'm going to pull the WB from the cork base and pin to the perty base.

Also here's a quick WIP shot of the Warbiker Nob conversion.  


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