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Friday, October 26, 2012

Captain for the "Siah Marines"

Hey folks got another post.

Will all the attention I've been giving my Orks, my son lovingly reminded me I had promised to paint his Space Marine captain over a year ago and it's been sitting in his box with his other marines primed and based coated in Army Painter Green.

And of course when I say "lovingly" I mean...Well you know.

So I took a break and did a BTT (Beyond Table Top) paint up of the Captain of the 4th company of the Siah Marines (my son's name is Josiah - hence Siah Marines).

I give you Brother Captain Jack Russel (he loves Wishbone)

Paint job was kept simple enough that when he does his dry-brushing technique for the rest of the army it will match for the most part.  I decided not to highlight the black and just let it contrast the rest of the highlighted parts of the model.


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