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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project - Deathwatch Rhino

So in continuing my work on Bartertown Admin porkuslime's "Deathwatch" project, he requested me to paint up a squad of Sniper Scouts and a Rhino for one of his Sternguard squads.  Haven't finished the scouts yet but I've put most of the final touches on the Rhino and thought I'd show it off.

Jim (porkuslime) had some custom doors and front made for this guy.  "Pyriel-" from dakka did them up for him and he did a fantastic job.  May have to order a few myself in the future.  Fun to paint, simple yet elegant.  In the original models I painted for him, he requested no mud/grime or wear and tear, or battle damage so I took that queue and did the same thing for the rhino.  Very simple paint job, with minimal colors.  Jim's an OSU fan so the color scheme (I hope) meets his desired affect.  To quote:

"wow.. and drool.. " - Jim (porkuslime)

Let me know what you all think!


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