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Monday, September 27, 2010

Project - Vanguard Champion

Thought I'd throw up a couple of shots of a Vanguard Champion I'm working on for my personal collection.

It's a slightly converted 2008 Games Day Captain mini I won as a prize for the Bartertown Sci-Fi painting competition.

  1. 2008 GD mini
  2. Dragonforge 40mm Hero base from the Lost Empires series.
  3. Pre-Heresy Jump Pack from Chapterhouse Studios
  4. Pre-Heresy Masked Helmet from Chapterhouse Studios
Painted up in my Flame Guardians color scheme.  Not 100% finished still have some minor details to work on:  Black needs highlighted, another Sunburst Yellow then Skull White layer on the Yellow particularly the Helmet and then the NMM (Non-Metallic Metal) on the shoulder pauldrons, then the wreath and jewel on the Right Leg needs finished.  I like Gold NMM I don't like Grey/Silver NMM much at all so I tend to combine the Gold NMM and Silver Metallics techniques because...I can.  ;-)

As always, thanks for looking.  Check back for the finished model in a couple of days.  I'll do a full write up on the coloring and the Yellow NMM though without pics on the next post.



  1. I like how the jump pack and helmet work on this fig. Gives it a certain 'pop' that is very nice to see. And the color scheme is great, and unlike so many I've seen.

  2. Definitely looks a whole lot more archaic than the current range. Great job!