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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review - ULTRAMARINES Movie - Trailer1

As most have seen, the trailer for the Ultramarines Movie is out floating around the net.  As with most who've reviewed the trailer I too have mixed emotions about it.


Okay I understand they are a first founding chapter, I understand Codex Space Marines is based off of their Primarch's teachings.  But...But...C'mon!  The smurfs?  Really.  The Smurfs?

Rant about the chosen chapter done.  So onto the actual review.  So you get a minute and thirty-seven second clip of the movie for the trailer, it's dark, it's dreary, it's gothic...it's 52 seconds of smoke and shadows before you get a cut shot of a battlebarge.  Now a very cool looking battlebarge, and slick shot of a thunderhawk.

They what, a 10,000 year old veteran?  "It isn't combat I resent brother, it's the thirst for glory that gets men cut to ribbons."  Okay I do like the quote, and as a combat veteran myself, I respect the quote.  But - C'mon this guy may be genetically engineered but could he really go into battle?  Is there an auto-lift chair to help him up in his armor?  Still cgi looks good, then the hot lead starts to fly, yeah now we're talking...

Loved all the Heavy Bolter goodness, but to be honest here's where the cgi started to waver.  I've seen better cgi with Dawn of War or the World of Warcraft cut scenes.  Even then, what's with the one-shot-one-kill scenes?  Isn't ceremite armor supposed to be like oh I don't know...strong!  Who was shooting?  Who were the enemies taking out some of the Emperor's finest with a single shot?

Biggest problem I had - 52 seconds of smoke and mirrors, 26 seconds of actual action, 19 seconds of wasted text.  Seriously, what a rip-off trailer.

Still I'm excited about the movie, just wish the production company would have put a little more effort into giving the fans a decent trailer.  C'mon bump that trailer time up and give us something quality to salivate over.

Okay ranting done...


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