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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

REVIEW - Terrain Pegasus Hobbies Construction Sets

Okay so earlier today I posted up my Terrain article on a few scratch built terrain pieces I made in search of some decent terrain for my kids and I to enhance our 40k time during our Thursday Night Dad vs Kids sessions. 

So while looking through the Warstore I found these little beauties.  The Hexaon and Platformer construction sets are distributed by Pegasus Hobbies, and imported to North and South America by IMEX.  Based on what I can find on the box, they are actually produced by a Russian company, though I haven't checked out the website as of yet.  Basically these are multi-part modular buildings.  The two pictured above are the "small" sets.  The Warstore has these and the larger versions in stock.  I paid $12.99 each so not bad in the grand scheme of things.

Now I haven't had the chance to mess around with the kits yet.  I did break them open and was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail on the sprues.  I'm going to work through the next few articles with the Hexagon set first as it allows for the creation of more of a "Station/Fort" kind of structure where as the Platformer kit builds more of what might be a landing platform (or at least that's how I'm going to build it).

As always I'll mount the structure on a piece of laminate flooring that I've cut up into various shapes that are perfect for terrain pieces.  Not sure how long this is going to take to put together.  According to the box, these are snap-fit pieces so technically no gluing should be required which would then allow for the hobbyist to disassemble and reassemble for a change of pace and allow for creating an entirely new piece of terrain.  I'm not going that way, I will be gluing the pieces together.  

So I broke open the Hexagon box and found the following:

First look - these really are amazingly detailed, the plastic is already a metallic color so if one were to choose not to glue them together then you'd have a nice metallic structure that wouldn't need paint to look good.  Obviously, being a painter, I have every intention of painting this structure, and adding my own flavor with some GW bits.  I'm thinking Ork bastion, but I'm not sure at this point.  Perhaps just an old Imperial way-station that has fallen to ruin.  Either way it will be more 40kish?

Instructions are pretty minimal, basically it shows you how the pieces (most everything is halved so you have to assemble the halves to get pieces that then snap together) fit together, but doesn't really give you a layout to build anything.  This is good and bad.  Good because it allows the hobbyist to get creative and build their own structure, bad as you have no general idea on where to begin.

That's it for now, if you've used these products before and have some links to your finished products let me know and I'll post them here pointing everyone to your site!


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